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About Me

My name is Evangelos. I am a professional with over 25 years experience in Palaeontology. I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England and have travelled widely. I have discovered several new fossils and I am still researching some of them. My most recent discoveries are that of 4 new chimaera (close relatives of sharks) species found in the Peterborough area which are of Callovian, Jurassic age. This was announced at the PalAss conference held in Dublin during December 2012. A scientific paper will be available soon. I have also written and published 3 small books on fossils. I attended the Jack Hunt Comprehensive School, Peterborough between 1975-1982 and I graduated from the University of Hull in 1985. The picture on the left is that of me hunting for Cretaceous sea urchins at Weybourne, Norfolk in 1998.

Contact Details

I can be contacted by email [email protected] . Please let me know which fossils you are interested in and I will be happy to give more information and send more pics in different orientations. We can discuss transaction details at that time which will hopefully please us both. I accept many forms of payment including Paypal but please check out your prefered method by clicking on the PAYMENT tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Prices quoted are negotiable but exclude postal charge and insurance which will be extra. Some of the fossils shown here have never been seen on the web before. Selling my fossils is a way of helping to fund our field trips in the hope of finding more unique beauties. Fossils will be replaced as these are sold. BUT WHY BUY FOSSILS ? Because fossils offer a tantalising glimpse of the past, a capture from antiquity. They make excellent gifts, either as investments, objects for enquiring minds, display pieces for framing, mounting, office, home, paperweights and last but by no means least as an edition to an existing collection or maybe the start of a new hobby. Some of my fossil finds can be seen on our identification website. Please click on this link to visit. www.mesozoicsharks.webs.com


Hair today, gone tomorrow !

All fossils sold on this website have either come from private collections or have been commercially/legitimately collected with permission from land owners. I have donated many of my fossil finds to several museums, most notably and recently to the NHM in London. Please check out my Customer Feedback page. Here you will see the actual comments from a selection of satisfied customers. The picture on the left was taken at Lyme Regis, Dorset in 1996.

Seatown, Dorset, UK

My discovery of a crinoid sudden death event in 2002. Hundreds of stem sections uncovered on the beach platform just west of Seatown, Dorset. The very same Pentacrinities fossilis on sale here. They were all in a band just a few inches thick but running about 50 yards along the beach. 

Stick around... I'll be back !

I started my fossil business on the 1st March 2004 and have been a verified Paypal business user since. All my transactions are guarenteed to satisfy or full refund on safe return. This is me hunting for Cretaceous shark teeth at Rock-A-Nore, Hastings, Sussex in 2004.

Beautiful Place But Dangerous !

This is me waiting for low tide at Garden Cliff, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire in 2006. Found some very nice Triassic vertebrates on this field trip. 

Olympics 2008 !

This picture is of me hunting for Triassic vertebrates at Blue Anchor, Somerset in 2008. I hope you enjoy my fossil website and visit again soon.

On Top Of The World !

This picture of me was taken on the north Devon coast in July 2010. Not many fossils found this field trip but t'was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Watch out for the mud banks here !

The picture on the left is that of me hunting for Eocene age shark teeth and Pleistocene mammal/bird fossils at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex in August 2012.

Still fit and smiling at 50

The picture on the left is that of me hunting for Cretaceous age shark teeth and sea urchin fossils at Beachy Head, East Sussex in September 2014.

Examining a large fallen matrix block

The picture on the left is that of me examining Cretaceous fossils on the East Sussex coast in August 2016.

Discovering reptile bones in a fallen block

This picture is after prep work done on a Triassic vertebrate block from Somerset found in 2018. The block I am holding contains many bones of a semi aquatic reptile called Pachystropheus rhaeticus.

A large block showing fossil ripple marks.

The picture on the left is that of me besides a large fallen rock showing fossil ripple marks on an ancient beach. It is part of the Wadhurst Clay Formation, Valanginian Stage, Cretaceous and dates circa 138 million years old. Found near Hastings on the East Sussex coast in August 2020. I hope you enjoy my fossil web site and visit again soon.